Naracoorte videogames club


The Naracoorte Videogame Club is for ages 12+ and signup is essential for numbers and accountability. In short: we need to know who you are, and that you're actually here


NVG is about connecting

So much of our lives is spent studying, working, interacting on and even relaxing with a device with nobody else around. We want to sit together and bring back couch multiplayer - and meet new people who may be just waiting to say hi playing some Wii U, Switch, Playstation from across the spectrum, retro Sega, Nintendo, PC's and VR.


NVG is about fun

NVG will be fully hosted by police checked individuals who love gaming, and want a safe environment that's age appropriate. But most importantly: we love gaming and the history behind it all, and want to share that knowledge interactively. There will be snacks, drinks and even prizes.Tournaments will eventually be a part of the night as well, making sure there's something to rally around and cheer for!


NVG is about building relationships

Nothing beats building friendships than friendly competition and play. We love Smash tournaments, Mario Kart rivalry and all things E-sports, but also want to include everybody in being able to meet new people and just have fun gaming together. This will, in turn, build a new group of people who can meet together outside the group and continue the journey.

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Let the games begin

Join today to experience the joy of gaming as a community, and for the best possible experience for you and your friends.

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Lets GO

Simply fill in the form below, and we'll have yours or your child's details to join in. Numbers will probably be limited so get in quick. Sign-in will be essential on the night to ensure safety and accountability.

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